My Expertise

Lou Patriot specializes in a lot of things. With her help, you will surely get the answers to all the questions in your mind that concerns about relationships. Check out her expertise and set up your appointment right away.

Marriage Counselling

Even though people have already said their vows, we still can’t help that there are instances whereas a marriage has to go through trials. Lou has the experience to make sure that a couple can go through the phase of recuperation.

Date Coaching

Not everyone is blessed to have the talent and luck when it comes to dating. There are a lot of people who are experiencing a hard time when it comes to dating. Through Lou Patriot’s help, rest assured that you can get the best tips to get through it.

Divorce Counselling

The process of divorce is not something that is easy to handle. It will be tough physically, emotionally and even mentally. Lou can give you the guidance needed, most especially during the time that you can’t take the pressure anymore.

If you are interested in getting her services, feel free to call. You can also send an email for any inquiries and questions at